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If there is one huge difference between modern buildings and those built in previous times, it is the fact that they enjoy much more light. This may be a result of technology, including the way glass is manufactured and used for structural purposes as well as purely for windows, but it also reflects the way we understand light now; it is important psychologically as well as for practical reasons. With mental health being taken so much more seriously nowadays, even projects such as modern built-in wardrobes should be taken into account in the great scheme of things.

Let There be Light: Modern Built-in Wardrobe Ideas

Ensuring that every room in your home is a happy, welcoming place is a 21st century consideration that would never have occurred to a builder constructing a functional little cottage with little glass rectangles to let a bit of daylight in but keep out the cold or heat. Today it can be a major factor in formulating your modern built-in closet ideas. Read More

The achievement of pinching some space from a larger room to create built-in wardrobes can, if you’re not careful, lead to the creation of a clever little room that does a great job in practical terms at the expense of ambience. When you’re providing yourself with a special space to keep your clothes and to allow you to try them on and make your choices in quiet and in private, it is all too easy to create a dark space, and that is not what you need at all.

The idea of a wardrobe with windows is so obvious it’s amazing you don’t see it more often. And it’s so simple to achieve.

To create your modern walk-in wardrobe, you are building some walls and installing a door – it’s no more complicated than that. Why not put a window in the door and a couple in the walls, perhaps high enough to maintain your privacy, or frosted or protected by some attractive lace or mesh? Any of these things can add an extra touch of style, so it’s a win-win situation.

You need light in your walk-in wardrobe because it is one of the things that enable you to make correct decisions about what to wear. If the combination you opt for looks different when you leave your dressing room, all your planning could come to nothing.

Other ways of bringing light into your contemporary built-in wardrobe ideas include installing something nicer than a naked bulb hanging from the ceiling. You could have the ceiling studded with little star-like numbers or have a theatre dressing room-style mirror with bulbs around it – again with the more stylish modern bulb options rather than the big old pear-shaped pearl ones.

Another possibility is to get a little motion-sensitive unit mounted wherever you like, so the room suddenly comes alive when you enter.

Let your creative flair take over and create a space that is uniquely you. Read Less

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