The Most Popular Walk-in Wardrobe Ideas & Designs [2024]

Design Ideas

It might sound like the last word in luxury, but to talk about walk-in wardrobes design is really to talk about practicality. If you have the room to consider walk-in wardrobe ideas, then why not? And the truth is, you may indeed have enough room, but it won’t be until you have discussed walk-in closets design with a professional that you will know for sure.

Keep it Practical: Walk-in Wardrobe Designs

So, what kinds of things are we thinking of when we talk about walk-in wardrobes design? How about simplicity to start with? It’s a simple idea, after all. Perhaps the trick is to get rid of all the obstacles, and that can mean doors. Read More

Imagine you have your walk-in wardrobe and it is full of little cubbyholes for neatly folded t-shirts and tops, underwear and accessories. All of these items can benefit from being in here, out of the way. But do they have to be further sectioned off by a piece of wood on a hinge? You’ve isolated and protected them already, simply by having a walk-in closet, so why do it again?

Forget the doors, they just get in your way. You can’t see what’s behind them and you don’t need them. So don’t have them in the first place. Or if you really insist, perhaps have them made of glass or Perspex.

Let’s get rid of the doors, then and it’s the same with drawers. When you already have your items sectioned off, why involve what is essentially another little bit of technology – a sliding box – to add another step in the protection? The job has already been done.

The whole idea of walk-in wardrobes probably originated in the great houses of every country, where there was plenty of space and plenty of fancy clothes to put away. The wardrobe itself was developed for practical reasons, because if you leave fabrics out in the air of even a small room, dust will settle on them, and if it settled on the special outfit a Maharajah or an English countess was planning to wear, that would never do.

Then there is the small matter of flying insects, some of which, including the otherwise harmless moth, have a taste for the kinds of materials we make clothes and bedding from. They might not be so keen on more manmade fibres, but even a blend featuring cotton, wool or linen is a potential feast for an insect in what amounts to an indoor desert for it. To create that essential barrier, the door to your luxury walk-in wardrobe does the trick.

Yes, make the wardrobe effective. Make it do the job.

But let’s have it stylish. Let’s have it classic or modern, but above all, let’s not make it look cluttered: that’s what we’re trying to avoid in the first place. Read Less

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